Who we are and what we do

We are skilled professionals and support our clients in filling vacancies at professional and executive levels, at home and abroad (Western Europe). Our clients include renowned companies of various industries and sizes.

JSP Personalberatung GmbH was founded on 1st of June 2012 by Jutta Schlieck and Nicole A. Müller-Natanski and is based in Düsseldorf, as well as Jutta Schlieck Personalberatung, which was founded on 1st of April 2004 and is closely tied to JSP. Our team includes 2 consultants as well as national and international researchers who have a proven track record in the successful address of potential candidates in Western Europe – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland, France and BENELUX.

JSP Personalberatung GmbH provides its services to a variety of industries and helps seek candidates for jobs at various levels. Our main focus lies on medium-sized companies in Western Europe in the field of personnel management.